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Shop at the one place where you can find the most unique lamp & lighting fixtures.
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Shop at the place where you can find the most unique lamp and lighting fixtures.
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More Than Just A Lamp

Create the perfect atmosphere of any room and complement any space.

Lamps In All Shapes & Sizes

The best place to find the lamp you will love. We carry a wide selection of lamps and lighting fixtures in a range of styles to suit any taste.

Lighting For Every Purpose

Find your lamp that will help fit your need.

Finding The Right Lamp

As you choose a lamp to add some beauty to the room, you must consider the size of the room and what type of lighting you want to create.

How To Improve The Lighting In Your Home

Use Lighting Creatively

Pops of illumination can add a personal touch to your home, providing additional lighting that doesn’t ruin the ambience of your space.

Fix The Lighting In Your Living Areas

Media focused spaces need less overhead light and more ambient and task lighting so consider natural lighting sources when planning a media room.

Measure Your Chandelier

Chandeliers are typically installed over dining room tables and should be at least 6 inches high, but it's best if they're closer 13 or 14 degrees above eye level (about mid-way up).

How Dimmers Can Help

It's important to use dimmers where you can, because they're very efficient. For example in bathrooms or bedrooms - places with high foot traffic!

Use Lighting To Experiment

The right lighting can make all the difference, so don't be afraid to experiment with it! Try one new way today and see how you like it.

Find The Focal Point For Your Lighting

Choosing a lighting focal point will shape the overall look of your space. Big open rooms get their brightness from windows. Small conference rooms are illuminated by focused sources.

Having A Lamp Is A Must

Create Your Space

Natural lighting is necessary in order to provide lighting in your home or space, but it isn't enough to create a cozy atmosphere. Multiple sources of light, such as wall and ceiling fixtures, play an important role in your lighting.

See What Interior Designers Had To Say

Ever since I met my wife, she has wanted a desk lamp. It wasn't until recently, when we found Little Lamp Lights and the great selection they have, that we finally made the purchase! It's always so great to see your partner excited about something.

Liam Miller

When I was looking for the perfect desk lamp, I went to Little Lamp Lights. Its products were by far the best and I enjoyed completing my purchase from home!

Emma Finegold

I saw this company on facebook and I wanted to know what kind of lightbulbs they were selling. I clicked on the store and man! It was a huge store! I found every bulb in my mission at that time, bought it because it was available and now use it. Even though I live alone, Little Lamp Lights sells the best things across the country.

Benjamin Moore

If you're looking for lights and lamps, Little Lamp Lights is the only place to go. The items they stock are high quality and beautifully unique.

Charlotte Campbell

I have purchased many different lights for our bedroom, kitchen and other spaces in the house. One of my absolute favorites is Little Lamp Lights. They have really beautiful lamps & the light quality is incredible. I can't imagine leaving their website without checking out what's new!

Michael Miller