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Low Power High Brightness Corn Bulb

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$14.99 - $14.99
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Color: E14 white

Are your light bulbs dim and energy inefficient?


When you use our low-power high brightness corn bulbs with cover, you'll be surprised to find that they are one of the brightest light bulbs out there. And because they're a type of fluorescent light bulb, they don't need a lot of power to give off a lot of light.


We've also noticed that many people love these lights for their energy efficiency since they only use about 25% as much electricity as incandescent bulbs. That's where these save you even more money!


Check them out today and see why so many people rave about them!


Product Details:
Low power consumption, high brightness.
Energy saving and environmental protection, conducive to recycling.
Low fever, no ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
Earthquake resistance, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe, stable and reliable
Suitable for home, office, and exhibition lighting
Start immediately without flashing. Solid and shockproof.