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ZenPair - Mini Siamese Peanut Massage Ball

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Textured Roller is ergonomically designed in the shape of a peanut to target hard-to-reach muscles all throughout the body. It is ideal for large muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and the unique, double-ball design allows for a massage up and down the spinal column without uncomfortable pressure on the spine.



  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: A peanut stability ball allows you to improve your core strength, balance, and overall agility through abs, back, glutes, hips, arms, and other muscle-group exercises. 
  • PAIN RELIEF: Its unique shape is especially suited to the neck and back, for relieving tension, releasing tightness, and soothing pain. 

  • EFFECTIVE SHAPE:  Peanut-shaped textured massage roller is ideal for targeting large muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The shape is ideal for massaging along the spinal column without uncomfortable pressure; perfect for relieving tension, releasing tightness, and soothing pain in the back and neck

  • SMOOTH SURFACE:  Textured surface pattern increases mobility and aids in recovery post-workout; ergonomic design helps target hard-to-reach muscles. instruction won't break down or lose shape after repeated use. 

  • PORTABLE: It easily fits in a gym or work bag for a travel-friendly massage. 



1x Pc Peanut Fitness Ball



1. It can be done if there is a back injury. Because of the soft force, the yoga ball exercise is relatively safe. Even people who have suffered a back injury and need rehabilitation can also practice it. This can avoid excessive impact on the joints, and it will be much easier to do.

2. Training the balance of the human body. The yoga ball is an "unstable" exercise equipment. When you leave the ground with the aid of the yoga ball, you must try to maintain your balance and not let the ball roll or let yourself fall from the ball. This requires leg, waist, and abdomen Comprehensive strength control, which can maintain body coordination and muscle strength well.

3. Massage function. The yoga ball moves as far as possible to make full contact between the body and the spherical surface, and the yoga ball is made of soft epp material, when the human body is in contact with it, the yoga ball will massage the body evenly and softly

4. Correct posture. When you sit on a yoga ball, all parts of your body are constantly making fine adjustments to keep your body stable. These small movements can strengthen the strength of your back and abdomen, make you involuntarily sit upright, open your shoulders, and correct your long-standing wrong sitting posture.


Material: EPP

Weight: 0.01kg

Diameter: 8cm

Whether to inflate: No

Custom processing: Yes

Applicable scenarios: running sports, fitness equipment, health massage


 16*8 black peanut ball 

 16*8 black red peanut ball