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Rose red face band

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Color: Rose red

✨Enhances facial contours, boosting self-confidence

✨Provides natural and subtle enhancement

✨Tone muscles for a chiseled look

✨Relax facial muscles for a refreshing experience


How Does It Work?

This face slimming bandage is a product designed to provide compression and support to the face and jaw area, aiming to create a slimming effect and improve the appearance of the facial contours.


Achieve A Stunning Facial Transformation!

It lifts, shapes, and slims your face, enhancing your natural contours to create a defined and sculpted look. Experience a boost in self-confidence as you present your best face to the world.

Rose red face band


Indulge In The Rejuvenating Effects And Shaping Benefits

As it gently applies pressure and massages, your facial muscles relax, releasing tension and promoting deep relaxation. This not only enhances your physical appearance but also leaves you with a refreshing and revitalized feeling.

Rose red face band


Achieve A Sculpted Jawline

The FaceScuplt is not just about instant gratification—it offers long-term results. Through consistent use, you can gradually reduce excess fat and sculpt your jawline for a transformed appearance.

Rose red face band



How long does it take to see results with FaceScuplt?

With consistent use, you can start noticing gradual results within a few weeks. The exact timeline may vary depending on individual factors, but rest assured, the transformative effects will become more apparent over time.

Is FaceScuplt suitable for all face shapes and sizes?

Absolutely! FaceScuplt is designed to be adjustable and versatile, accommodating various face shapes and sizes. Whether you have a round face, square jawline, or any other unique features, FaceScuplt can help enhance your natural beauty.

Can I wear FaceScuplt throughout the day, even during daily activities?

Yes, you can! The FaceScuplt is designed for convenience and can be worn seamlessly throughout the day, including during your regular activities. Its high-quality materials and ergonomic design provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to go about your daily routine while actively working towards your desired facial shape.

Will using the FaceScuplt make my face feel sore or uncomfortable?

Not at all. The FaceScuplt is designed with your comfort in mind. The materials used are of high quality and gentle on the skin, ensuring a comfortable experience even during extended wear. If you experience any discomfort, we recommend adjusting the fit or consulting our customer support for personalized guidance.


Product Details:

Use: After washing your face, put it on, remove it after 30~60 minutes
Material: cotton

Size:length 64CM