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SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip

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Color: Blue


The Snore Away Nose Clip has exceeded my expectations in reducing snoring and improving sleep quality. Its effectiveness, comfort, ease of use and cleaning, portability, and affordability make it an excellent choice for anyone struggling with snoring issues.”

Jane Miller. - Verified Customer


Snore Away Nose Clip


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip


Get a good night's sleep with the Snore Away Nose Clip. This electric anti-snoring prevention device is designed to maximize airflow through your nasal passage and effectively relieve snoring. It is rechargeable, made of silicone material, odorless and extremely soft, and comfortable for different sizes of nasal passages. The simple, sleek, and humanized design takes little time to get used to with no need for long instructions. Built-in micro blowers ensure that this device fits completely into the nostrils for efficient all-night use. Get the best sleeping experience possible with this Snore Away Nose Clip and stop snoring once and for all.


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip



Our device makes your sleep better. Just put the Snore Away Nose Clip on your nose before sleeping. These products were designed by the best scientists for people suffering from snoring, apnea, or insomnia. Your brain will be oxygenated and your body will be rested and full of energy.


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip



It's not only a snore stopper. The Snore Away Nose Clip not only helps to remove snoring but also changes the habit of oral respiration during sleeping and prevents upper respiratory infection. Our snoring aids for men and women can be used while playing sports, such as jogging and hiking to improve performance. 


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip



Each nasal vent is made of soft, odorless, medical-grade silicone that guarantees a comfortable fit. Suitable for different sizes of nasal passages and very comfortable to use, which provides you with the safest, most comfortable, and most enjoyable sleep. Our company ensures that your snore stopper will work for a long time and make your life easier and free from snoring.


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip



Activated carbon air filters purify the air of dust and harmful gasses, allowing you to breathe pure clean air. The built-in micro hair dryer is completely contained in the anti-snoring device, so there is no need for external air hoses, and it can free you from hoses and wires.


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip


USB Rechargeable

It uses breakthrough technology to treat difficulty breathing, breathlessness, and snoring symptoms. It is automatic and can be charged with a USB. The charging time is only 2H, you can take it with you and use it at any time.


SnoreGuard™ - Anti-Snoring Nose Clip


Type: Anti-Snoring Machine

Color: Blue/Green/White

Material: ABS+ Silicone

Size: 60*35.2*39mm/2.34x1.38x1.53 inch


Package Include:

1 X Snore Away Nose Clip

1 X Box