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Solesti - LED Firework Strip Lights

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Color: 24key bluetooth magic light
Introducing the LED Fireworks, the coolest new wall decor for your home! This unique product reacts to sound and clapping noises, providing a fun and festive display that is sure to impress your guests. Plus, you can control it with your smartphone, making it easy to use and enjoy. The LED Fireworks are perfect for parties or any special occasion, and they make a great conversation starter, too. So add some excitement to your home with the LED Fireworks today!


【Music Sync】

The Firework Light is a must-have for any type of party. Whether you want to start one off with some crazy beats or create romance and relaxation, this amazing decoration will do the trick! It changes colors depending on your voice volume as well so it's sure not only interesting but also eye-catching too- perfect when paired up next door at home versus having someone over who doesn't know about these things already (I'm looking straight ahead). There are many different modes available including dynamic ones which make great additions in general areas where there could potentially be moving around them since they change patterns faster than others might prefer.


【Easy to Use, Easy to Install】

Sometimes, the simplest things can be really elegant and vibrant. This is especially true when they're powered by LED fireworks lights! These beautiful decorations are perfect for your dining room or bedroom; you'll never tire of looking at them because there will always be a new color to see in each explosion of light. Do they also make an excellent gift idea - what better way than giving someone else some sparkly fun?


【Three Control Methods】

The innovative light strips are now even more fun and easy to use! You can freely choose between multiple colors, and control them through an app on your phone or by remote if you don't want too much hassle. With 40 keys available for instant access in addition to the ability to change dynamic modes such as flashing speed + color changes while music playback quietly plays- these new options make sure there's never a dull moment when it comes down to choosing what mood should set during any given hour of daylight saving time.

2 different ways:

1) Control all 3 RGB LEDs directly from one device using 8 keypad layout

2). Use Boxes that allow turning off/on lights AND adjusting


Product information:

Type: Marquee Strip
Input voltage: 5(V)
Number of LED lamp beads: 32 (pieces/meter)
Single lamp bead lumens: 16-18 (lm)
Beam angle: 120 (degrees)
Power factor: 1.5W/1M
Effective life: 5000 (H)
Size: 140*125*50(mm)
Weight: 220 (g)
Protection class: Not waterproof
Color temperature: 24-key Bluetooth magic fireworks light (K)
Color rendering index: 85
Switch Type: Remote Control

Packing list:

LED Fireworks*1
Remote control*1