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LipXcel - Instant Lip Plumper Set

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Pout your troubles away!

Luxurious Lips On The Go!

💋 Instant Volume!

☀️ Protects from Sun, UV, Climate

💧 Moisturizing and Repairing Oils

🌑 Different balms for Night & Day!

🌿 Mint, 🍠 Ginger and 💊 Vitamin E

LipXcel - Instant Lip Plumper Set

Natural Beauty never been easier!

For your sensitive lips, we bring years of modern-day research together with an ancient blend of completely natural ingredients.

LipXcel - Instant Lip Plumper Set

Tired of spending thousands on painful injections, lip fillers, and harmful ingredients?

LipXcel - Instant Lip Plumper SetDay Time Use

Use our Ginger Lip Plumper™ just like your normal lip gloss in the daytime.

LipXcel - Instant Lip Plumper SetNight Time Use

Use our Peppermint Lip Plumper™ before bedtime to heal your dry lips throughout the night.


Nourishment Anywhere! Anytime!

LipXcel - Instant Lip Plumper Set

Designed as the cutest capsule, its small size and ease of application make it the perfect one-stop solution for all that your lips need.

Get your Lip Balm now and heal with style!

TYPE: Lip Balm

SHELF LIFE: 3 years

NET WT.: 5.5ml


INGREDIENTS: Polyisobutylene, mineral oil, vitamin E, peppermint oil, ginger root oil.

FEATURE 1: Moisturizing

FEATURE 2: Waterproof

FEATURE 3: Long lasting

ORIGIN: Mainland China


Apply the lip enhancer serum for 14 days, using the ginger serum during the day and the mint serum for the night. In as short as two weeks, you will see clear results in fuller, softer, and plumper lips!

The daytime plumper will give you instantly luxurious lips - Use a small amount on your lips for 6 hours of plumpness.

The day serum has a ginger scent, while the night gloss has a mint scent. They are both mild scents.

Nope! It is not painful but does create a tingling sensation for a few seconds - this is the natural ginger buzz added to nourish your lips.

Yes! It is designed to still work with lipstick and lip liners!