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The Quantum - A Universal Multimedia Portable Projector

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Bring the theater experience wherever you go with this size-defying, rechargeable DLP projector. 

The Quantum - A Universal Multimedia Portable Projector


Everything a TV Has & More

Stream on all of your favorite video apps, connect to gaming consoles, and present media on a 150" screen, all for a fraction of the price of a TV the same size. Bring the movie theater experience into your home and on the go.

Open Up a Window

Turn any ordinary wall into an astonishing view. The Quantum has more than double the brightness rating of other mini projectors and supports 4k. Whether watching the sunset over the Pacific or the next great action movie, you will be transported to another place.

Hassle-Free Tech

More enjoyment, less frustration. With 4D Keystone Correction, you can place it in virtually any position and get perfectly square corners. Choose from automatic or manual correction. (Automatic only works for vertical)


Sounds That Packs A Punch

Hear every detail with a robust set of two 5-watt High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) speakers designed by Harmon Kardon and Bose Engineers. Surprisingly powerful. 


Product information:

Projection mode: forward projection
Voltage: 12 (V)
Power: 36 (W)
Valid scanning frequency band: 50/60Hz
Resolution: 854*480p
Brightness: 100 ml
Projection drawing size: 30-120 (cm)


Small size, easy to carry, large capacity battery, no external power supply to cast
Wireless with the same screen, easy office/meeting, super battery life, to meet the needs of outdoor without power
Transparent physical button, easy to adjust even at night, double speakers, shocking sound
Is the projector, but also sound, do not watch the video, can also be used as a sound
Support Bluetooth voice remote control. After pairing, you only need to hold down the voice key to perform the voice operation

Supports multiple languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnam, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

Packing list:

Complete machine, remote controller, power adapter, tripod support, HDMI HD cable, paper manual (machine built-in more detailed electronic manual APP), exquisite color box*1


1. How do I connect with my smartphone?

There are two ways to connect.

(1) You can screen share wirelessly by connecting to the device's Wi-Fi signal and using the E-share app or

(2) you can connect with an HDMI cable and phone adapter.

2. What is the Android OS?

Every Quantum comes pre-installed with the latest Android OS which allows you to use apps from the Google Play store like YouTube and Netflix, directly on the projector. You can download more apps onto the device by using your Wi-Fi connection. Compatible with all major devices and software, including iOS and Mac.

3. How long will the battery last?

160 minutes.

4. Can you use the projector while it's plugged in?


5. What is 4D keystone correction?

Often you will find that your projector isn't perfectly aligned with a wall or screen, so the image will be slightly skewed. 4D keystone correction allows you to manually move the corners of the image to make them into right angles again. The Quantum will automatically adjust the vertical skew. You must manually change the horizontal skew.

6. Is it durable and does it overheat?

Our projectors are meant to last for a long time. The completely sealed-off optical components contain a DLP lens system that is meant to last for 30,000 hours. Additionally, the projectors will get warm with use, but they will not overheat with proper airflow.

7. Is the cooling fan noisy?

No, the Quantum is very efficient at cooling and your entertainment will not be interrupted by noise.

8. Does the projector have speakers?

Yes, it comes equipped with two 5-watt Hi-Fi speakers that are powerful enough to sound like a real home theater. You can also use the projector without images simply as a Bluetooth speaker.

9. How do I focus on the image?

There is a small dial on the side of the unit that allows for easy manual focusing.

10. Can I connect my headphones to it?

Yes! There is an audio jack on the back that supports all types of headphones.