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RevitaPro - Eyecare Restoration Kit

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  • ✨Unlock a brighter you with our Rejuvenator Kit. In just 10 minutes a day,
  • 🔥Rediscover your natural radiance with our wand. It rejuvenates your entire face, leaving you with a fresher, more vibrant appearance.
  • ✅ Boost collagen & elastin production
  • ✅ Improve blood circulation
  • ✅ Accelerate new cell growth

Clinically proven to reduce eye bags & dark circles in just 2 weeks!

RevitaPro - Eyecare Restoration Kit

Your final solution to combat under eye bags & dark circles!

Most eye bags & dark circles are completely genetic and remedies such as more sleep & creams have little to no effect.

Working with Dermatologists, Revita created the EyeCare™ the first skincare device utilizing FDA Approved methods of red light therapy & microcurrent to effectively combat eye puffiness, bags & dark circles.

  • Finally revitalize your eye area giving you an awake vibrant 

Tested and approved

Conducted through an independent 4 week study with 85 participants to evaluate the clinical and dermatological effectiveness of the EyeCare.

  • This test was performed by a laboratory under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist.
    RevitaPro - Eyecare Restoration Kit

    5,700+ Dark Circles & Eye Bags Diminished

    After years of development & trials to ensure actual results, we've proudly helped over 5,700+ customers get a brighter look!


    Combined Microcurrent Red Light Therapy

    Microcurrent Magic: Experience gentle but powerful natural currents which stimulate facial muscles boosting ATP production & new cell growth which revitalizes the delicate under-eye area, combating puffiness & bags revealing a refreshed look.

    Red Light Rejuvenation: Watch as penetrating red light therapy diminishes dark circles and wrinkles at the source, stimulating collagen & elastin production to balance your under eyes for a more awake appearance.

    • 10 minutes daily use visibly reduces your dark circles, decongests the eyes, reduces puffiness and gives you a sense of comfort and freshness.

    RevitaPro - Eyecare Restoration Kit


    In-house designed by Dermatologists

    After years of trials & development the EyeCare™ is clinically proven and recommended by Dermatologists as the best skin care innovation to reduce under eye bags & dark circles.

    • Get long-term results with no recurring costs and 1/50 of the cost of filler.

    RevitaPro - Eyecare Restoration Kit


    Don't trust unproven treatment methods

    Due to most eye area concerns being caused by genetic factors, sleeping more, applying serums, and reducing caffeine intake are simply not enough alone to achieve a brightened look.

    RevitaPro - Eyecare Restoration Kit


    Q: Can I go to sleep with this on? 

    • While it will not cause damage to the tissue, it is advised that you do not sleep with them on as the benefits will be minimal. For best results, please use it for 10-30 sessions a day. 

    Q: Will this cause any damage to my skin? 

    • Absolutely not! There is absolutely nothing in Revita that will cause any damage to your eyes or your skin.

    Q: How long will the effects last?

    • If you achieved your desired results then it is best to use our device at least once a week, otherwise, results can last up to 3 months.