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SmarTVue - Smart LED Sync Box

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A game changer for your home theater.

Home theaters are expensive. They are also intimidating. But thanks to smarTVue, a simple and easy-to-use solution is finally here to change that.

SmarTVue is a standalone HDMI device that uses advanced LED controllers to transform any television into a true theater experience. Connecting it to your TV is as simple as plugging it in the power outlet and connecting it to the HDMI input port with an included cable – no expensive installation or risky modifications required!


Attention in use.

1. The kit works with any HDMI ( input ) device to our box to your TV ( output ). The timing box is a bridge; it Supports 4k @ 60hz;

2. This system does not support a built-in TV tuner, original TV sounds, or a built-in smart video player.

3. When using the product, the TV needs to switch to the corresponding external HDMI device signal;

4. ARC supports ( Audio return channel ): the connection method is: HDMI device ( TV box ) → sync box → arc → TV screen;

5. How to use the kit with various devices like ps4 / 5, Xbox One, tv box, etc?

( You must use them with an HDMI switch to control the HDMI signal input, each time you can use an HDMI ) signal


Maximum support resolution: 4096x2160 ( 4K )

Color depth supported: 10Bit / 12Bit / 16Bit

Protocol Version: 1.4b./2.0b. ( important )

Driver box: built-in microphone

Supports frame rate: 4K @ 60Hz

4096x2160 @ 30Hz

4096x2160 YCbCr420 encoding @ 60Hz

2560x1440 @ 60Hz

1920x1080 @ 60Hz


1. For HDMI-compatible devices;

2. Create an immersive viewing experience;

3 Your intelligent life Control application;

4 Smart Voice Control ( Manage your smart TV lights with simple voice commands through Alexa and Google wizard, Enjoy access to more colors and features like timer, video, and sound sync, and help you create the environment you need ).

5. Synchronize the colors on the screen;

6. Improved music mode ( built-in microphone, which helps you sync them with music )

7. Easy to install.


1. Installation and configuration take only about 8-10 minutes. It does not require professional knowledge because everything is already set up.

2. You must make sure that the back of the TV is about 5-15 cm from the wall because the wall serves as a reflector.

Product Information:

Model: XGJ-TV background ambient light
Input voltage: 12 (V)
LED chip brand: Sanan Optoelectronics
LED lamp bead model: 5050
Number of LED lamp beads: 60 (pieces/meter)
Single lamp bead lumens: 60 (lm)
Beam angle: 120 (degrees)
Color temperature: American standard (60 lights/meter)
Color rendering index: 80

Product specifications:

Suitable for TVs below 60 inches (2*2 meters),

suitable for TVs below 60-75 inches (2*2.5 meters),

suitable for TVs below 75-90 inches (2*3 meters),

suitable for TVs below 91-120 inches (2*4meters)

Packing List:

1* Atmosphere Light