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Snapic - Take The Perfect Selfies

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Color: Silver

Looking for a way to take your selfie game up a notch? Check out our new Selfie Mirror! This handy little mirror attaches to the back of your phone and allows you to see yourself while you snap away. No more crooked pictures or bad angles—with the Selfie Mirror, you can make sure you always look your best. So go ahead and show off your gorgeous self—you deserve it!


If you want to take better pictures, you can use the rear camera of your mobile phone. You can use a small vlog mirror if you're going to avoid crooked pictures.
Glue it directly under the camera lens of the mobile phone to ensure that the image and the imaging position of the mobile phone are the same
You can see yourself when you look in the mirror, but you don’t know how to photograph yourself when you look at the camera. With a mirror vlog, you are more comfortable
Standard storage box, so that when the vlog mirror is not in use, it is convenient to carry without having to stick to the phone all the time
Using the water plating process, the mirror image is uniform and has no deformation

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Snapic - Take The Perfect SelfiesSnapic - Take The Perfect SelfiesSnapic - Take The Perfect SelfiesSnapic - Take The Perfect Selfies