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LED "Wanted" Car Window Panel

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When driving a car, don't take any chances.

With this LED-wanted window panel, you can ensure your safety on the road by making your vehicle visible from all angles during nighttime driving. Moreover, this will add style and charm to your car with a cool night vision logo -- all while saving you the hassle of cleaning messy stickers off your windows.

Never before has such a sleek sticker existed with these features: 100% imported materials, 8000-hour service life, 1mW power consumption per square centimeter, strong weather resistance--and a luminous effect that is entirely uniform, soft, non-dazzling and non-flickering.

If you're looking for something to spice up your car and add some safety measures while doing so; then it's worth giving this product a try!

Product information:

Product Name: Luminous car sticker
EL thickness: 0.35 (mm)
EL size: 120*120 (mm)
EL power source: car USB
Luminous color: white light on pink background

Including transparent tape (1 piece of luminous car sticker and battery driver (2 pieces of No. 7 are used, without battery)
How to use: stick the luminous sticker on the rear window, straighten the circuit, and turn on the driver switch to light up
Flash mode: constant light+flash, flash with music
Cool night vision logo; It improves the safety of your driving at night and adds fashion and charm to your car
It uses 100% imported materials from the United States, with a service life of up to 8000 hours
It is as thin as paper, with uniform brightness, hardly occupying the interior space of the car, and only 0.35mm thick
Extremely low power consumption, only 1mW per square centimeter of the light source
The light is uniform, soft, non-dazzling, non-flickering, non-radiating, and colorful
Strong weather resistance: the luminous effect will not be affected by the vibration of the car during driving
It does not generate heat during operation, has good fog permeability, and does not produce harmful rays.

Packing list:

Transparent tape+1 piece of luminous car sticker and battery driver (use 2 pieces of No.7, without battery)