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  • Ion Electric Field Power lamp - Little Lamp Lights
  • Ion Electric Field Power lamp - Little Lamp Lights
  • Ion Electric Field Power lamp - Little Lamp Lights
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Little Lamp Lights

Ion Electric Field Power lamp

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Type of light source: led lamp
Voltage: ≤36V (V)
Lamp shade material: PVC
Overall size: 140*80 (mm)
Average service life: 10000 (h)
Power supply: USB power supply
Model number: three inches
Light source power: 0.5w (W)

Product material: ABS base + glass sphere
Product accessories: USB cable × 1
Power supply mode: USB cable plug-in/battery power supply (battery is not delivered)
The diameter of the ball: 7.62CM
Product size: 80×80×140MM
Packing size: 150×110×110MM

Can be equipped with adapters and switch power modes

USB power supply, its shell is a high-strength glass shell, the ball is filled with rare inert gas, and there is a black spherical electrode in the center of the glass ball. There is an oscillating circuit board at the bottom of the ball. The 5V low-voltage direct current is converted into a high-voltage high-frequency voltage through a power converter and applied to the electrodes. After power on, the arc formed by the electrodes and the high-voltage excitation inert gas produces a light beam, so the generated light is like some radial glow, colorful and radiant, very beautiful in the dark.
When the ion ball works, a field similar to a point charge is formed around the electrode in the center of the ball. When the ball is touched with the hand, the electric field and potential distribution around the ball are no longer uniform and symmetrical, so the glow around the finger becomes brighter, and the arc generated moves along with the touch of the hand. It twists and dances with the movement of the fingers.