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  • Multifunctional LED Hand Shower Head - Little Lamp Lights
  • Multifunctional LED Hand Shower Head - Little Lamp Lights
  • Multifunctional LED Hand Shower Head - Little Lamp Lights
  • Multifunctional LED Hand Shower Head - Little Lamp Lights
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Little Lamp Lights

Multifunctional LED Hand Shower Head

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Product category: shower/shower

Type: portable

Function: rain, temperature control,LED light

Material: ABS.

Installation type: thread

Process: electroplating

Operating temperature :0-70

Nominal pressure :0.28

Specification: temperature-controlled tricolour, colorful self - color, monochrome

LED shower color:

Various luminous styles are available at different prices

Temperature-controlled tricolour: changes color with the temperature of water. Cold water, warm water and hot water show different colors.

The diagram is as follows:

When the water temperature is below or equal to 31 degrees, it is automatically shown in green.

When the water temperature is between 32 and 43 degrees it is shown in blue.

The color is red when the water temperature is between 44 and 50 degrees.

When the water temperature is higher than 51 degrees, the red light flashing, remind you to be careful of burns!

Self - discoloration: in the shower process will be multi - color free transformation! Colorful lighting cycle changes color, fashion and practical.

Monochrome: is a color, there are blue, green, red can choose. Large volume can be customized color.

Baby description

[product model] 8008-b3

[LED luminous color] temperature-sensitive discoloration/temperature-controlled tricolour (usually blue, green, red and green, blue and red), self-discoloration in seven colors, monochromatic, or customized.

[interface size] sprinkler for 20mm external thread interface, is a universal interface.

[product size] nozzle 112mm length 260mm thickness 47mm

[LED quantity] 5-15pcs

[shell color] as shown

[packaging] color box packaging

[material] ABS engineering plastics

[surface treatment] electroplating

Product features:

●LED shower is a popular technology electronic products.

●LED shower head free installation, is a convenient and practical products, good-looking and fun and practical.

●LED shower is a product that can make your life full of color, can freely will flow out of the water column is full of glittering and translucent luster, your shower will become a dream world, sparkling, let your life full of passion and color high-tech photoelectric products. Can turn your monotonous bath into a marvel.

●LED shower power does not need additional batteries and power supply to supply, is entirely through water to generate electricity, beautiful products, environmental protection and energy saving.

●LED shower by the use of LED lights in the shower to achieve a dream effect, but also added some practical functions. The electricity required for leds does not require extra batteries or power, but is generated entirely by running water, even if the lights are not on in the shower room at night. Beautiful products, environmental protection and energy saving.

Material: shower shell with ABS electroplating chromium, has a strong corrosion resistance, bright color, lasting as new!

● quality test: quality is the solid guarantee of the achievement of the famous brand, shower finished products through the switch 10,000 times of testing, no leakage, normal function. At the same time, the finished product of the shower has been tested for 3000 consecutive times after the function transformation.

● workmanship: intelligent lighting induction shower USES high-quality engineering ABS as raw material, each set of product design mold after a number of links of the experiment, the flowers on the hole position is bright and clean, no burrs, and other production errors or defects. The appearance is beautiful, the coordination, has the advanced design idea, the appearance design and the use function design reasonably unifies together. Small flower is aspersed also can change into a fashionable and beautiful artwork in an instant.

● spontaneous electricity: rely on water pressure to drive their own power generation, no power supply (battery), safe and environmental protection, service life: > 6000h.

● motor: the use of high speed magneto, to ensure the normal drive of the generator in the case of very low water pressure for the normal LED luminescence.

● internal core: the internal core part is a fully enclosed advanced structure, to ensure a long time of contact with water will not rust, to ensure the motor's high efficiency and stable working state.

Scope of application: home, bathroom, leisure and entertainment places, high-end hotels, star hotels and so on.