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Simple And Fashionable Ceiling Lamp

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$199.99 - $199.99
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Color: Triangle white 50CM

 Stylish ceiling light for your home, office, dorm room - any place that needs a little illumination!

If you're tired of your plain old light fixtures up above, this is the way to change things up. We took a modern twist on a classic look and created this wonderful ceiling lamp that will give you lots of love in return.

It's effortless to install, doesn't require any wiring at all (perfect for renters!), and can be positioned in almost any position without worry. You'll also love how it adds a stylish touch to your decor while simultaneously providing some much-needed light!


Product information:

Light source power: triangular white frame 50CM, triangular black frame 50CM, circular white frame 50CM, circular black frame 50CM, square white frame 50CM, square black frame 50CM, model A 50CM, model B 50CM, headlight white frame 110 * 84CM, headlight black frame 110 * 84CM, package I (W)
Light color: white light, warm light, neutral light, three color dimming, infinite dimming with remote control, Tmall Genie voice infinite dimming with remote control, little love students voice infinite dimming with remote control
Applicable places: corridor, living room, bedroom, study, corridor, courtyard, dining room, porch, balcony, hotel room, exhibition hall, warehouse
Ceiling lamp type: iron ceiling lamp
Average service life: 30000 (h)
Light source type: led lamp
Shape of lampshade: round
Exposure area: 10 ㎡ - 15 ㎡

Packing list:

Hall light * 1*1